Rossie Ballard

Rossie (pronounced Ro-sie) brings with her over 20 years of experience in teaching and presenting fitness and wellness. As the founder of Visalia's F.I.T. Warriors studio, she has nurtured a thriving fitness community that focuses on comprehensive well-being through the integration of body and mind. Recognized as the host of "Home Workouts with Rossie," a weekly segment featured on Fox News Channel's "The Great Day Show," she promotes fitness and wellness to a broad audience.

Rossie is not only enthusiastic about promoting physical health but also advocates for mental health.

She holds certifications thru ACE, AFAA, IIN


William Bourdeau

I am a fifth-generation Central Valley native, born and raised in Coalinga, California. I have been around farming my entire life and currently work for Harris Farms overseeing over 20,000 acres of diversified crops.

I received my bachelor's degree from California State University, Fresno and an MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno. I also had the immense honor of serving in the Marine Corps, and am proud to be a U.S. veteran. I found that I have a great aptitude for numbers and decided to become a certified public accountant and chartered global management accountant.

I currently serve as the Vice Chair of the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority, Chair of the California Water Alliance, Chair of San Joaquin Valley Sun, Director at the Westland Water District and a Board member of the Fresno State Agricultural Foundation.


Mad Samkie

Samkie, a true maestro of melodic persuasion for over twenty years, has traversed the vast expanse of the musical landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and souls of listeners far and wide.

Not only has he composed a myriad of unforgettable musical masterpieces— but has also embraced the role of performer, producer, and avid spectator of the local entertainment scene. His melodic creations, akin to ethereal spells, have bewitched audiences, captivating them in a sonic embrace that transcends time and space.

From intimate sets in cozy backyards and/or garages, to grandiose performances in slightly larger backyards and/or garages, Samkie's musical charisma transcends boundaries, uniting audiences in a shared experience of sonic bliss.

Samkie's music is not just a collection of sounds—it is a testament to the power of artistic expression, a gateway to emotions untamed, and a pilgrimage on the transcendental language that unites us all.


Lisa Marie Spagnola

Lisa Marie is a Sound Healing Facilitator. She discovered the benefits of sound healing through her personal healing journey. Using a variety of instruments, Lisa Marie can produce a combination of sound, frequency and vibrations that produce a deep state of relaxation allowing the body to release tension on a cellular level.


Yokuts Pa'ashi Singers and Dancers

The commencement of TEDxVisalia will be marked by a captivating performance, blending song and dance, paying tribute to both the land and the occasion. This remarkable presentation will be delivered by the talented Yokuts Pa'ashi singers and dancers.


Don A. Wright

Agriculture is California’s top industry and water is its most precious resource. There’s always something in the news about water in California but very little reporting takes place at the intersection of public and private transfer – the water or irrigation district that makes all of this possible.


Robert Jeff

Heyett, my name is Robert (Bob) Jeff, and I am an American Citizen as well as a member of the Tachi Yoktus Tribe in Lemoore, California. I am a tribal leader as well as a spiritual practitioner for my tribe. Being involved in the spiritual aspect of my tribe is what keeps me balanced and what tells me to love all life. This life has brought many cultures together here in American and all I want is for us to all live a good and healthy life and look out for the health of our next seven generations that come after us. I will be discussing Tachi's connection to the land and Pa'ashi (Tulare Lake).


Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, PG, CHg is the founder and principal hydrogeologist, with over 35 years of consulting experience in the groundwater industries.


Eva Lopez

Eva Lopez (pronounced eh-va) is a biologist, yoga teacher, artist, herbalist, and environmentalist. She has a masters of science in biology focused on forest dynamics and a bachelor’s of science in environmental biology with a minor in chemistry. Her current scientific role is a biological research crew lead stationed in Sequoia National Park researching demography, forest, and tree health.

She is also a yoga and meditation teacher with a 200-hour certification, teaching yoga at the Canopy studio in Three Rivers, CA and on the local organic farm, Flora Bella. Her passion is finding the link between intuitive knowledge and scientific research to make the world a more beautiful, joyful, and sustainable place. She believes mindfulness in the present moment not only benefits personal health, but also the environment.


Steve Cory

Steve Cory is the owner of Cory Media, a full-service Video production and Digital Marketing agency.

Steve is committed to serving Entrepreneurs, and is currently creating the Ignite Small Business Academy, an online course that will help Small Business Owners create profitable businesses so that they can enjoy more life, with less stress.


Lase 28

Lase 28 is a street art muralist and community advocate. Lase will be explaining the artistic and physical connection water has on the communities and the individual self through a live art demonstration using water based paint.


Rebb Firman

Rebb Firman lives near the big trees in Central California. He has been playing music since childhood. You can find Rebb infrequently at the Ol'Buckaroo by the Kaweah River, usually on a Friday Night. Rebb's music are true stories that he made up.

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